Prices up at Warwick Cattle Sale

PRICES have risen again at the Warwick Cattle Sale, with large numbers of young cattle for the regular buyers.  

There was a small reduction in supply and young cattle were in the largest numbers, along with a few heavy grown steers and bullocks and a fair selection of cows at today's sale.

Most of the usual buyers were in attendance and operating in a generally dearer market.

Restockers, feeder operators and the trade lifted young light weight cattle prices by 20c and up to 30c/kg in places. 

 Medium and heavy weight yearling steers and heifers to feed followed a similar trend, with improvements of 10c to 20c/kg.    

Heavy grown steers and bullocks to export slaughter sold to a market 9c to 19c/kg dearer.

All classes of cows experienced a dearer trend to average 8c to 10c/kg better.

Calves returning to the paddock made to 335.2c to average 320c/kg.  

Vealer heifers averaged 11c to 20c dearer, with most around 299c and a few to local butchers reaching 316.2.c/kg.

  Light weight yearling steers to restockers averaged 336c and made to 345.2c/kg.

Medium weights to feed consistently sold around 327c, with sales to 337.2c/kg.

Heavy weights to feed made to 327.2c to average 315c while local trade lines averaged 312c and made to 319.2c/kg.

  Medium weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 303c and made to 319.2c and a handful to the trade also made to 319.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers averaged 306c and bullocks averaged 304c and made to 312.2c/kg.  

Medium weight 3 score cows averaged 236c and made to 242.2c/kg.

Good heavy cows mostly sold around 258c, with a few pens reaching 268.2c/kg.

Heavy bulls sold to 281.2c/kg.