SENTENCED: A Warwick man was this week jailed after being convicted of an alcohol-fuelled assault in Warwick.
SENTENCED: A Warwick man was this week jailed after being convicted of an alcohol-fuelled assault in Warwick. File

‘Primitive’ attack costs young dad his freedom

A WARWICK court this week viewed CCTV footage of a drunken man forcefully pushing another man to the ground, before ripping off his own shirt and circling his victim in a primitive fighting stance.

As the victim stood, another man grabbed him and Daniel Corey Williams lifted his leg and kicked his victim, sending him hurling into the road.

The man's head smashed onto the bitumen and fractured his skull.

Ten months on from the attack, the 40-year-old victim still suffers from vertigo and headaches.

In the Warwick District Court this week, Williams pleaded guilty to a count of assault occasioning bodily harm while in company.

Crown Prosecutor Nicholas McGhee told the court the victim was visiting family in Warwick and spent the evening at the Horse and Jockey Hotel.

At closing time, the man was leaving the pub when Williams was seen on camera shoving the man from behind. A horde of patrons rushed to the site and watch the assault.

Police arrived shortly after and Williams, 23, told officers the attack was retaliation for the victim calling his girlfriend a derogatory name.

Mr McGhee said that was not accepted and the assault was unprovoked.

"When police arrived at the scene following the incident, (Williams) appeared very agitated and aggressive," he said.

"The complainant didn't make a complaint at that time and was transported home by police."

Mr McGhee said the victim continued to have pain and attended hospital on August 8 - five days after the assault - where he was diagnosed with a fractured skull.

"It is a serious example of what was alcohol violence," he said.

"It is fortunate that in a case like this there was no serious brain injury."

The victim made a complaint two days after he visited the hospital and spent the following three months off work.

A victim impact statement described the ongoing issues and anxiety the victim suffered.

Defence barrister Robbie Davies said his client, a father of two, had taken steps to better himself since that night and underwent counselling sessions.

"I would ask for your honour to give him one chance and put him on parole, which means he'll be able to continue his rehabilitation and if he strays ... he'll be locked up."

Judge Douglas McGill declined to oblige and said anyone who committed such serious alcohol-fuelled violence in a public place should expect a jail term.

He sentenced Williams to 15 months jail, with a parole release date set for September 24.