Warwick Lindsay from MagicEzy, with his new product for repairing fibreglass.
Warwick Lindsay from MagicEzy, with his new product for repairing fibreglass. Brett Wortman

Boaties can fix chips, scratches in under 10 seconds

A SUNSHINE Coast man has developed a product that enables scratches, chips and cracks in boats or jet skis to be repaired in under 10 seconds.

Warwick David Lindsay's MagicEzy products are bonds, specially created by a leading chemist using nanotechnology.

The product range includes a nine-second chip and scratch fix, a hairline fix and a primer for plastic boats used underneath the chip fix.

Mr Lindsay had been in the car paint touch-up business for 30 years, and built up a national company with 400 technicians.

His friends with boats started asking if he could develop a similar product for them, as they were keen to avoid the cost, health risk and hassle of fibreglass repairs.

He sold the car repair company in 2008 and has spent the past 18 months testing the products, getting invaluable feedback from the Sunshine Coast marine industry, before launching late last year.

"It's all about creating a durable repair that is aesthetically pleasing," he said from his Kunda Park base.

"And it had to be simple to do. All our research found people didn't like fixing fibreglass because it was messy and it has all these fumes.

"We've got a jet ski here with a thumb-size crack in it. It was going to cost the owner $800 to fix, but it will probably end up being about $50 using three of our products."

The products are squirted onto the offending crack or chip and then trowelled in with the end of the same tube, deliberately shaped like a spatula.

They come in 11 colours, which are the same wet and dry.

"We've only been going for a month, and we've had unbelievable response via our webstore. I am currently planning a trip to the US, after a trip to the Fort Lauderdale boat show last November.

"We had exceptional interest from Canada, US, South America and Europe.

"We are now talking to dealers, professional boat repairers and the likes of BCF and Whitworths."

Mr Lindsay planned to hire at least another five staff this year in response to growth.