croc sighting
croc sighting

Queensland teen’s miracle escape from croc

A teenager is lucky to be alive after a crocodile snuck up behind him and ate a turtle he was holding.

Coree Summerville was fishing at The Strand jetty on Saturday when he saw a turtle struggling and swimming the wrong way up.

He went into the water to try to bring the turtle to shore but that's when things took a dramatic turn.


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"I went to save the turtle and I was pulling it in and then out of nowhere this 2m croc came up and ate half of it just right behind me," Coree said.

Coree said earlier that day he and his friends saw a dark shape further offshore but they thought it was a shark.

"It turned out to be a croc."

The 15-year-old said once the crocodile had eaten half the turtle it quickly swam back out to sea.

"The croc probably heard me jump in when I tried to save the turtle," Coree said.

Coree fishes at The Strand jetty regularly and said he had never seen a crocodile in the area before.



Brett Bolt took this photo of the turtle which a crocodile on The Strand took a bite out of. Photo: Brett Bolt
Brett Bolt took this photo of the turtle which a crocodile on The Strand took a bite out of. Photo: Brett Bolt

Both swimming enclosures along The Strand were closed on Saturday after the confirmed crocodile sighting.

Townsville lifeguard supervisor Russell Blanchard said there were multiple sightings of the crocodile between the two swimming enclosures at Strand Park and the Rockpool.

"It's part of our protocol to close the beach for a minimum of four hours," he said.

Ashley Carrasco went down to The Strand for a swim in the afternoon with a friend not knowing the beach was closed.

The marine biologist said she had heard about crocodiles being seen around South Townsville and Cape Pallarenda but not along The Strand.

"It's concerning that it's come so close to shore," Ms Carrasco said.

"But it won't stop me coming down for a swim, it's very rare (a crocodile is seen)."

The beach reopened on Saturday afternoon.

A Department of Environment and Science spokeswoman said the 2m crocodile would be targeted for removal by wildlife officers.

The Strand is part of zone D - a targeted beach management zone - in the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.

"This means any crocodile 2m or greater in length or any croc displaying dangerous behaviour is targeted for removal," she said.

Officers were assessing how to catch the crocodile.

Last year there were 57 reported crocodile sighting across the Townsville City Council's area.