Regions get specialist prostate cancer nurses

BETTER support and care is headed in the direction of about 4000 cancer patients and their families with the placement of 14 specialist prostate cancer nurses across the nation.

The Australian Government has pledged $6.2 million over four years to the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia to select sites, facilitate training and fund the placement of these new positions.

Queensland will receive three nurses in Cairns, Rockhampton and Brisbane.

Health Minister Peter Dutton said today prostate cancer was the most common form of cancer affecting Australian men.

He said in 19,821 men across the country were diagnosed in 2010 with prostate cancer.

"The good news is prostate cancer has a high survival rate," he said.

"By basing specialist nurses in areas of most need, where there are links to cancer treatment services, these nurses will enable a greater coordination of care for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, especially those in rural and regional areas.

"Prostate cancer nurses are specially trained registered nurses who provide information, care and support to men with prostate cancer and their families and carers, within a multidisciplinary health care team."