RACETRACK PARTY: Birthday sharing cousins Geoff and Mike Byrne.
RACETRACK PARTY: Birthday sharing cousins Geoff and Mike Byrne. Chris Lines

Relics of the past take over Morgan Park Raceway

MORGAN Park Raceway was packed today as revheads gathered to watch revived race legends take to the track once again.

The Historic Queensland race meeting features heritage vehicles of all different makes and models, from the Formula Fords to the minis.

For cousins Mike and Geoff Byrne, the race meet holds a special place on their calendar.

"Today is actually both our birthdays, we were born on the same day in 1948 just three hours apart,” Mike said.

With both of them having a passion for historic race cars, they use the Warwick track day as a way to catch up and celebrate their joint birthdays.

Mike said the Morgan Park events provide the best atmosphere for their big day.

"It's a great track, everyone around here is really friendly and the HRCC do a great job organising it.”

"It is one of the best run race meetings in the country.”

Elsewhere on the track a man from Kingaroy recalled a different time in Morgan Park's history.

Gary Binnie from Kingaroy spent his childhood in Warwick and had fond memories of the track.

"I used to race on here when it was just a dirt track, we used to have to make the dirt hold together on the corners,” he said.

"There's no comparison with how it is now, Warwick in general is much prettier now than it was back then.”