PARADING AROUND: Photos from the 70s shows how big the rodeo parade used to be.
PARADING AROUND: Photos from the 70s shows how big the rodeo parade used to be. SDRC

Returning this rodeo tradition to its heyday

WITH Warwick Rodeo just around the corner, SDRC regional events organiser Jonno Colfs wants to make this year's Rodeo Street Parade the extravaganza he remembers from his childhood.

The parade, which started in the 70s, originally lined all of Palmerin St, but a drop off in attendance over previous years has meant the event was put on the cutting board in 2017.

While the event soon returned in 2018, Mr Colfs wants this year's event to reignite the crowd passion from yesteryear, and he especially hoped for an inundation of entrants, with a target goal of 50.

"When I was a kid, it was such a spectacle. It used to be huge and the whole town got involved,” Mr Colfs said.

"I want to get it back to that.”

In light of recent tough times, Mr Colfs said the community needed an event like this to allow them to take a break and relish in the festivities.

"Given the climate and fire and crippling drought, we need to enjoy ourselves and bring tourism into town,” he said.

"We know the region is suffering and the one thing we really need is an influx of people.”

This year's theme is Australiana and Mr Colfs said there was no reason why residents couldn't go wild with creativity.

"It could be the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Ayers Rock, a kangaroo or a cork hat. The creativity is there, we just need to find it,” he said.

"It's a rodeo parade in spring, you can't get more Australian than that.”

Taking on comments from last year, the organiser also said he was encouraging lots of noise from this year's entrants.

"The feedback was it was really quiet, so we're getting musicians involved and a secret surprise that is nothing like Warwick has seen before,” he said.

Mr Colfs said people of all ages were welcome to help build a float and that it was truly a case of the more the merrier.

"If you've got a ute or truck, you're halfway there.”

Parade sponsors John Dee and Bunnings are donating a $25 gift voucher to help get the first 25 parade entrants started on float decoration.

To enter the parade, contact Mr Colfs on or 1300 697 372 or pop into the council offices at 64 Fitzroy St, Warwick

Entry is $10 and forms must be completed by October 18.