BURNOUT: The Warwick community is asking for a burnout pad to combat hooning, but such a precinct could be a long way off. Photo: File
BURNOUT: The Warwick community is asking for a burnout pad to combat hooning, but such a precinct could be a long way off. Photo: File

REVVED UP: Calls for Warwick burnout pad heat up

CALLS for a burnout pad to combat Warwick’s hooning problem are gaining traction within the community, though plans could go up in smoke before they really begin.

The initial response was sparked by SDRC’s progress on a $1.9 million drag racing precinct, with several residents suggesting the council should also fund “something for the hoons.”

“Would be great if they would allow money for a burnout pad as well for those that feel the need to do them, instead of on our roads. It would make sense, gives a safer and legal alternative,” reader Matthew Hagley.

“Bring a burnout pad or some drifting events like Queensland Raceway. (It) would be a great influx of people and they would spend something in the community – we need something for this town,” Chase Hall said.

With the area’s hooning concerns spiking, Warwick Police acting officer-in-charge Shane Reid said a burnout pad could greatly reduce risk to all road users.

“We see drivers of varying ages, both male and female, and on several occasions these drivers also place illegal tyres on their vehicles to perform burnouts, which makes their vehicles defective and commits further offences,” acting Senior Sgt Reid said.

“From a police perspective, any hoon that is taken off a public road and placed into a private or controlled precinct would obviously have benefits.

“It would certainly reduce the risk to the community and other road users in regard to the public roads.”


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Southern Downs councillor Andrew Gale said he was grateful for the community enthusiasm as a former police officer and passionate road safety advocate, though warned a council-backed precinct would be unlikely.

“The reality is, the expectation we could put a burnout pad in and let people go and rip around it whenever they felt like it would expose us and them to a hell of a lot of risk,” Cr Gale said.

“I’m a bit of a petrolhead myself and have been to burnout competitions, but they’re controlled - you need barricade protection for the people watching, adequate safety for vehicles and drivers, among others.

“While I recognise the potential for something like that, and doing it on the roads is unsatisfactory, I would encourage anyone interested to become a member of a motorsports club.”

Driving school Skid Control’s tracks in the Brisbane and Ipswich regions remain the closest recreational burnout pads, though both Warwick Dragway and Morgan Park Raceway offer more “traditional” motorsport outlets.


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