A teen's windscreen was smashed in a shocking road rage attack.
A teen's windscreen was smashed in a shocking road rage attack. Elyse Wurm

Road rager punches teen, smashes windscreen in attack

A KILLARNEY man has been ordered to pay hundreds of dollars in compensation after he punched a teenager and smashed his windscreen in a shocking road rage attack.

Courtland Thomas William Turner pleaded guilty to one count each of common assault and wilful damage at Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Steve de Lissa said the victim might have been tailgating Turner's ute, which was being driven by his partner, and caused a minor crash.

"But the defendant has gone way too far, in my submission, in assaulting the driver of that vehicle and causing them damage," he said.

Sgt de Lissa handed Magistrate Jason Schubert an invoice, which showed the damage to the windscreen cost $240 to repair.

Defence lawyer Phil Crook said a report from a psychologist showed Turner was dealing with some mental health challenges that could explain his reaction last July.

The 24-year-old man, who now works as an excavator operator at Yangan, was remorseful, Mr Crook said.

"With his new position he's instructed that his bosses have indicated they're going to watch his progress and he's in line for being 2IC of the operation," Mr Crook said.

"He's a person that likes to work and so he's doing his best."

Mr Schubert said while Turner might have been provoked by the way his victim was driving, it did not excuse his behaviour.

"You're still relatively young at the age of 24 but not young enough to get a discounted sentence," Mr Schubert said.

"You should have known better."

Mr Schubert noted Turner had fronted court previously and had been convicted of charges, including wilful damage to property.

Mr Schubert stressed the need for a sentence that protected the community.

"I need a sentence that deters you and other people in the community from committing these offences," he said.

Turner was convicted, sentenced to 18 months' probation and ordered to pay his victim $350 compensation.

He must also pay $240 for the repair of the victim's windscreen.