VOTES CLOSE IN: LNP's James Lister is still in the lead, even as Palaszczuk looks to win Queensland.
VOTES CLOSE IN: LNP's James Lister is still in the lead, even as Palaszczuk looks to win Queensland.

Southern Downs election as it happened

UPDATE 9PM: ALMOST two-thirds of the final count has now been counted with more than a few surprising results. 

While LNP's James Lister is standing strong with 11788 votes - more than half of the electorate-  ALP's Joel Richters is still fighting. 

He currently has 6224 votes or 26.83 percent. 

Earlier tonight, Mr Richters told the Warwick Daily News today's election was the first time Labor representatives had manned all but four booths across the region. 

"At the end of day, I had what can only be categorised as absolutely the best campaign the Labor party has had for a very long time and I think that is reflected in the count tonight," he said. 

"The last two weeks of pre-polling, I've been getting very positive feedback and lots and lots of positive support." 

One Nation candidate Rosemary Moulden stands at  2317 votes or 9.99 percent - a significant decrease from her predecessor Joshua Coyne's significant 20.4 percent win in 2017. 

It comes as political analysts reveal the One Nation vote is "collapsing" across Queensland tonight. 

Warwick Daily News' attempted to contact Mrs Moulden for comment but she was unavailable. 

Other candidates' positions are as follow: 

  - Malcolm Richardson (SFFP) 1003 votes   

- Tom Henderson (The Greens) 948 votes   

- Deborah Waldron (Legalise Cannabis QLD): 916 votes   


UPDATE 8PM: TWO hours into counting, with 21.90 percent of the final vote counted, a stronger political picture is forming for the Southern Downs seat.  

LNP candidate James Lister is still in the lead with 3773 votes or 49.31 percent. 

Coming from behind, Labor Candidate Joel Richters holds firm at 1936 votes or 25.30 percent. 

It is a comparable change from 2017  where Richters only received 16.9 percent of the electorate's vote. 

Other candidates' positions are as follow: 

 - Rosemary Moulden (One Nation): 829 votes  

- Malcolm Richardson (SFFP) 423 votes 

- Deborah Waldron (Legalise Cannabis QLD): 349 votes 

- Tom Henderson (The Greens) 341 votes 

UPDATE 7PM:  Southern Downs LNP and ALP candidates have given their initial thoughts on the 2020 state election. 

With 4035 votes counted, LNP candidate James Lister is the frontrunner with 2025 votes or 50.19 percent. 

The current Southern Downs member said he was "confident' about holding the seat. 

"I'm confident I will receive more than 50 percent of the primary vote, with  a 10 percent direct swing to me," he said. 

"How the two party preference goes is another matter."   

Mr Lister also commented it had been a quieter election day then previous years, with many residents voting early.   

"It was a bit sombre really. The pep has been taken out of election day really," he said. 

 "But another thing to watch will be that the postal votes will take some time to come in. We could be waiting until the 8th or 9th of November to see a full picture."   

Labor candidate Joel Richters is coming in second with 1020 votes or 25. 28 percent.   

He said pre-polling results showed a tight race for the Southern Downs.   

"I'm in the Warwick Town Hall and we've just got the  WIRAC votes and James has only polled slightly higher than me. He has 269 and I had 232," he said.   

"In Warwick, things are looking promising but significantly better than 2017.  

" It will be a big night ahead."   

Other candidates' positions are as follow: 

  - Rosemary Moulden (One Nation): 564 votes  

- Malcolm Richardson (SFFP) 307 votes 

  - Tom Henderson (The Greens) 233 votes 

  - Deborah Waldron (Legalise Cannabis QLD): 223 votes   

2020 QLD state election results 


Major parties
  • LNP 0
  • ALP 0
  • ONP 0
  • UAP 0
  • KAP 0
  • OTH 0
  • GRN 0
Called seats

UPDATE 6.30PM: PRELIMINARY results are in and current Southern Downs member James Lister is off to a strong start. 

With 517 votes counted, Mr Lister already has 292 votes or 56.48 percent.

Labor candidate Joel Richters is coming in second with 108 votes or 20. 89 percent. 

Other candidates' positions are as follow: 

- Rosemary Moulden (One Nation): 45 votes

- Deborah Waldron (Legalise Cannabis QLD): 27 votes 

- Tom Henderson (The Greens) 23 votes 

- Malcolm Richardson (SFFP) 22 votes 

EARLIER: AS ELECTION day draws to a close, polling officials will now prepare to count the votes.

This election will decide who will take the premiership during the coronavirus pandemic; Labor's Annastacia Palasczcuk or the Liberal National Party's Deb Frecklington.

Over more than 316,000 postal votes have already been returned and over half of Queensland residents voted before today.


The six candidates that are vying for the seat of Southern Downs are:


- James Lister, LNP

- Joel Richters, ALP

- Rosemary Moulden, One Nation

- Malcolm Richardson, SFFP

- Tom Henderson, The Greens

- Deborah Waldron, Legalise Cannabis QLD


The Southern Downs seat has been a comfortable one for the Liberal National Party and its predecessor, the National Party since its creation in 2001.

Keep checking back on this article to see the Warwick Daily News' and Stanthorpe Border Post's rolling coverage of the 2020 Southern Downs election.

Sky News will be also providing live coverage of the results.