LONG ROAD BACK: St Mark’s won’t be returning to phsyical Sunday services just yet.
LONG ROAD BACK: St Mark’s won’t be returning to phsyical Sunday services just yet.

Rose City churches place faith in recovery

THE eased restrictions for places of worship have presented a new set of challenges as church heads work to figure out how they can stay inclusive.

St Mary's Father Franco Fillipetto said mass still won't return for at least another week as he takes time to determine how to implement the 20 person gathering rule.

Churches will now be allowed to have gatherings of 20, host 20 person weddings and 50 person funerals as part of the updated road map to recovery released by the Queensland Premier yesterday.

"Two weeks ahead of time is good news, it means we can start doing something, but weekend mass is going to be hard," he said.

"We'd have more than 100 people here on a weekend and some of them are dying to come back, asking all the time about it."

Despite the logistical challenge Father Franco welcomed the increase in funeral and wedding numbers.

"For some, (restricted funerals) were very difficult, initially when we had only 10, that excludes even grandchildren in a lot of family's cases," he said.

"Restricted numbers is quite contrary to what we normally do, we're more about getting people in than sending them away."

St Mark's reverend Lizzie Gaitskelle said the Dioceses has not given a clear indication of when services will start up.

"A lot of our people remain in the vulnerable category, the Archbishop has been fairly cautious about lifting restrictions too quickly for us," she said.

Reverend Lizzie said the restrictions still present the issue of exclusion.

"This is the trick because our main congregation sits between 80 and 100 people on a Sunday," she said.

"Nothing will be fair or relieve the hurt for those who would be told they couldn't come."

Reverend Lizzie said services will remain online for the time being.