Drivers are being encouraged to be safe around park-run participants and runners in training ahead of this weekend's big event.
Drivers are being encouraged to be safe around park-run participants and runners in training ahead of this weekend's big event. John Towells

Runner safety is crucial

THERE must be a clear message to our locals about road safety during the Daily News Pentath-run.

Even at the weekend while my wife, Kerri, and I were running the Killarney Ascent, we had some close calls.

Many drivers do their best to take distance into account but not a changed scenario, such as a runner making a break for it, and the passing car hasn't allowed enough space.

Yangan Rd does have some overtaking opportunities (during the half marathon) but on the Killarney Ascent, I would say 90%, if not all of it, is a solid double line, so we come down to road safety and avoidance of road traffic offences being issued.

Below is the statement from the Warwick police, a recommended alternate route for spectators and support crews for Race 1 (WDN half marathon).

In my previous column, I stated that spectators for races on open roads should only be at the finish.

Message from Acting Senior Sergeant Shane Reid - Warwick, Yangan and Killarney police are happy to continue supporting the Warwick Pentath-run.

Most importantly, the issue of road safety, for both competitors and traffic vehicles that will be using the public roads, is paramount during the events.

Unfortunately, during the past few years, relatives, friends and competitor support vehicles, particularly on the Warwick-Yangan and Killarney events have decided they own the road and commit dangerous and serious breaches of the traffic regulations, including crossing continuous double lines, holding up lines of traffic while taking photos of competitors and driving on the incorrect side of the road into oncoming traffic travelling at 100kmh.

These incidents will result sooner or later in a serious injury or fatal crash, which will jeopardise the event's future.

It is not an option to close these roads. I therefore strongly recommend that drivers of vehicles act responsibly and be warned police will take enforcement action where breaches are committed. Event organisers support this action.

Alternate route: Each year we have some issues with the number of cars wanting to get to Yangan for the finish and support their runners along the way. If you just want to get to Yangan for the finish, please use an alternate route.

Straight after the start of the race, drive south on Palmerin St and turn left into Fitzroy St, cross the highway and continue, turn right into Hamilton St, then left into Grafton St (which becomes Junabee Rd).

Follow Junabee Rd for 14km, then turn left onto Jingarry-Mt Sturt Rd.

This will take you back to the Warwick-Yangan Rd. Turn right and follow to Yangan.