DON"T BE FOOLED: Marlene Rielly has been targeted by scammers sending her false letters in the mail Nicole Zurcas

Scams now coming in the mailbox

FOR Warwick pensioner Marlene Rielly going through the mail box is part of her daily routine.

One letter had Mrs Rielly raising an eyebrow.

She received a letter from Spain informing her a relative had passed away and she is entitled to an inheritance.

At first glance the letter seemed official however a few "red flags” popped up for Mrs Rielly.

"At first you think it's lovely that an old pensioner would be receiving a sum of money,” she said.

The letter had spelling mistakes, incoherent grammar and numerical errors.

Fair Trade Regional Manager for South West and Wide Bay Peter Nell said never make contact with scam companies.

"It's a matter of just ignoring the scam.

"You have to put safe guards up, notify your financial institution and monitor your bank accounts,” Mr Nell said.

In 2017 $340m was reported lost from the Australian economy, through all reported scams.