Southern Downs Regional Council CEO David Keenan.
Southern Downs Regional Council CEO David Keenan. Marian Faa

SDRC CEO David Keenan wants an apology

DEAR Editor,

Following the release of the Queensland Treasury Corporation's (QTC) financial analysis of the Granite Belt Community Association's de-amalgamation proposal, GBCA president Mr Alan Colyer stated to local media that information supplied by council to QTC was "dishonest”.

In the Warwick Daily News on Friday, April 12, Mr Colyer claimed that QTC was given "dishonest figures” and said that council had "exaggerated” costs.

In an online article published in the Stanthorpe Border Post on Thursday, April 11, Mr Colyer claimed that "the council supplied figures that were grossly wrong and dishonest”.

To clarify, councillors did not supply this information to QTC. SDRC officers and I have dedicated many hours to the provision of information and figures to the GBCA and QTC, often within short time frames and to tight deadlines.

These statements suggest that those staff and I have provided incorrect figures or misinformation, and by doing so have acted dishonestly.

This is not the case, and I am calling on Mr Colyer to make a public apology.

I take great offence at being referred to as "dishonest” and at Mr Colyer bringing into question the good and honest work of Southern Downs Regional Council employees.

Officers at SDRC have proven to be a consistent target of Mr Colyer and the Association.

These public statements bring into question my integrity and the integrity of the staff within the organisation.

The many hours council officers and I have spent reviewing GBCA's proposal for de-amalgamation, as well as providing facts and figures to QTC, have refocused time and energy from other tasks and projects at a time when the organisation is dealing with pressing issues that significantly impact our community, including drought, the budget and the delivery of important services as part of normal council business.

Mr Colyer, please do not question the integrity of myself or the staff that have been involved in supplying information to both the GBCA and QTC.

Throughout the de-amalgamation process to date, SDRC staff and I have consistently provided information requested by relevant parties impartially and transparently.

To publicly state that council has acted dishonestly in its provision of information to QTC - the Queensland Government's financing authority - is, at best, untrue and, at worst, it is defamatory.

David Keenan

Chief executive officer

Southern Downs Regional Council

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