A RELAXING SUNDAY NIGHT: Amy Woodgate and Kyle Thompson enjoy the Great Australian Bites before returning to work.
A RELAXING SUNDAY NIGHT: Amy Woodgate and Kyle Thompson enjoy the Great Australian Bites before returning to work.

Second year a success for Great Australian Bites

ON A balmy summer night, Southern Downs residents gathered on Palmerin St for the Great Australian Bites.

It was the second time Warwick has hosted the Bites, with live music from local artists, children's entertainment and local food stalls on offer.

Returning after success of last year's event, Kyle Thompson wasn't surprised by the increase in numbers.

"It's a really great community event and my wife and I were really excited to see that it was on again," Mr Thompson said.

"This year I certainly think that it is larger, I think the community is looking for something like this on a bit of a regular basis.

"It's great to get people ­together and stand around to share some food and some drinks and see people that you see in your work life and everyday life in a social ­setting."

That community atmosphere is something that Freestone resident Sue Burmester believes is important to grow during the drought.

"Money wise, we're in drought, we've all got to band together and enjoy ourselves," Mrs Burmester said.

"I think it's wonderful for Warwick, it's bringing a lot of people in, it's good for the community."

With school holidays coming to an end, Mr Thompson said the event was held at the right time of year.

"With school about to start, this is a nice little slingshot into the start of work and school and celebrating the end of a holiday period," he said.

"It's just a wonderful event, at a wonderful time and a wonderful sense of community that goes with it - it's brilliant."

Hopeful the event would return more frequently, Mr Thompson said with the number attendees it was clear people were looking for something similar.

"I would be a massive supporter of doing this as regularly as possible, I know we can't do it necessarily every week but I would like to see something like this every month or two," he said.

"I just think, again, it's a great opportunity to bring the community together and celebrate all the wonderful things that happen in Warwick and its surrounds.

"It's tremendously uplifting and despite some of the hardships that we face time to time, we are prepared to come together, have a good time, support each other."