WIN: The New Zealand team had a win first-up against Ireland at the World Cup.
WIN: The New Zealand team had a win first-up against Ireland at the World Cup. Gerard Walsh

See how the teams fared in three late games at Morgan Park

POLOCROSSE: The game between South Africa and New Zealand at 3pm Tuesday could be the match of the day.

Both teams won on Monday at IOR Morgan Park.

New Zealand's good start to the World Cup could be partly due to the two weekends of games against Australia, one weekend in Australia and one weekend in New Zealand.

In the second game on Monday, New Zealand beat the fourth-ranked United Kingdom 23-12 in what was probably the only upset of the day.

Jarrod Richardson and Kyla Hill were the best players for the Kiwis.

The best horses were Silver Hills Perler and Berragoon Percussion.

Percussion is owned by the Grills family at Holbrook in New South Wales and has a great record of best horse awards at national level.

In the third game, defending champions South Africa beat Ireland 24-12.

The South African side have plenty of experience from their cup-winning team in 2015.

Graham MacLarty from South Africa was judged best men's player and teammate Natalie MacLarty was best women's player.

The best horse awards were won by Katrinda Sonatina for the men and Jaylyn Downs Joy for the women.

Jaylyn Downs Joy is one of the horses put into the pool by Australian cup debutante Beth Hafey who comes from the Tansey area in Queensland.

In the last game of the day, second-ranked Zambia beat the United States 22-14 which proves the United States will be up for the challenge against Australian in the 1.30pm game at Morgan Park on Tuesday.

Mike Krynauw from Zambia was the best player from the men and Megan Waggener from the United States was judged best of the women.

Berragoon Scarlet was the best horse from the men's sections and Future Kiss the best of the women's horses.

Round2 games will be crucial for the day 1 losers as a team with only one win in the three round games would have to hope other results go their way to be in with a chance of qualifying for the Saturday semi-finals between the top-four teams.

All games until the finals are being played over six six-minute chukkas.

Tuesday's draw

8.30am: First of two games in Barastoc Interstate Series

9.30am: United Kingdom v Ireland

Noon: Zambia v Zimbabwe

1.30pm: Australia v United States

3pm: South Africa v New Zealand

Wednesday's draw

8.30am: First of four Barastoc Games on the day

9.30am Zimbabwe v United States

1.30pm: New Zealand v Ireland

3pm: Last Barastoc game for the day