Police blocked off streets as they negotiated for more than an hour with a man at a house at Murgon.
Police blocked off streets as they negotiated for more than an hour with a man at a house at Murgon. Matt Collins

FRESH DETAILS: Police issue update on Murgon siege incident


- Police were negotiating with a man inside a house in Murgon at noon on Friday

-The house is near Taylor St East and Watt St, near Graham House Community Centre

- Police stress there is no current threat to the public

-The police incident was resolved at 1.30pm

LATEST: 2.50pm: Nearly two hours after police responded to reports of a potential gunman in the South Burnett, the emergency vehicles have now left the scene and the road re-opened.

Armed police officers in bullet-proof vests were outside a house near Taylor St East and Watt St in Murgon as they negotiated with a man inside a house. 

The road was blocked as three police cars and an ambulance were at the scene.

Several nearby onlookers watched on safely 50 metres away near their homes as armed police responded to the incident. 

A Queensland Police Service spokesman confirmed after an hour and a half of negotiating, the disturbance was resolved at 1.30pm. 

In the end, there was no gunman, only a man who did not want to talk to police. 

"Eventually he saw the light and decided to talk to us," he said. 

Nearby business, Graham House Community Centre were affected by the police incident. 

Centre manager Dr Christelle Withers-Mayne said they were asked by police to go into lockdown at 11.30am this morning. 

"We were then instructed by police that we could go outside at 1.30pm," she said. 


Police have stressed there is no ongoing threat to the public after a disturbance in Murgon at noon today. 

Police reported they were responding to an operational incident this afternoon, but say the matter has now been contained. 

Some schools and nearby businesses are believed to have been locked down, but police have confirmed there there is no danger and the general public is safe. 

UPDATE 1.30PM: Queensland Police Service confirm they were called to a house at 12pm after reports of a disturbance at Murgon.

Police have been trying to negotiate with a man inside a house near Taylor St East and Watt St for more than an hour.

QPS said it was an ongoing matter and were taking precautions.

EARILER 1PM: POLICE from across the Burnett are converging on a Murgon home where a gunman is believed to be inside with up to three people.  

They are setting up road blocks in the Taylor St East and Watts St area. 

A police negotiator has been called in. 

Residents are advised to avoid the area. 

More details to come.