ART THERAPY: Some of Ms Hancock's past sculpting workshops.
ART THERAPY: Some of Ms Hancock's past sculpting workshops.

SIP AND SCULPT: Exciting new way to get hands dirty

Killarney-raised Corrina Hancock believes one of the best ways to get out of your head is by using your hands.

As creator of Seeker. The Journey, Ms Hancock has spent 10 years teaching Gold Coast residents the importance of mindfulness and connection through exciting mediation and pottery workshops.

Now she wants to reinforce that message back home, bringing with her one hugely popular trend.

Touching down in January, Ms Hancock is offering two workshops: a vision board, meditation and essential oil roller class and an exciting sip and sculpt pottery class.

Teaching attendees how to hand build a mug, vase or planters while they share a wine among friends, Ms Hancock said she had only seen the popularity of clay therapy rise during the pandemic.

“Clay is huge at the moment and everyone is wanting to create unique pieces. You’ll give people the same amount of clay and everyone will create something different,” she said.

“It’s nice to see people get lost in the clay.

“I think especially after last year, people are wanting to nurture their creative sides and this is a nice way to do that with community and connection.”

Corinna Hancock
Corinna Hancock

Ms Hancock said the first workshops could kickstart a monthly Warwick visit, with demand also growing in neighbouring Toowoomba.

She also hoped it would teach Southern Downs residents to practise self-love in 2021.

“Mental health has always been on the top of the list of things people need to be aware of,” she said.

“Even prior to COVID-19 and last year, there’s always been a lot of stress and anxiety. I think last year just made people sit down and go, ‘it’s been a tough year, what are some ways to nurture and look after myself?’

“More so than changing your diet or losing 5kg, health is an inside job.”

The sip and sculpt pottery workshop will be held at St Mark’s Hall on January 22, from 6.30pm.

Tickets are $79 and BYO wine.

The curate your 2021 workshop will be held at St Mark’s Hall on January 23, from 9am.

Tickets are $55.

To book, head here or contact Ms Hancock on 0404 369 898.