TOGETHER: The Brackin sisters, Taylah, Codie and Dimity, are part of the Hazzards team in Warwick A/B netball.
TOGETHER: The Brackin sisters, Taylah, Codie and Dimity, are part of the Hazzards team in Warwick A/B netball. Gerard Walsh

Sisters unite to push for top spot after London premierships

NETBALL: The Brackin sisters are reunited in Warwick netball after winning premierships in London.

Taylah Brackin and younger sister Codie played for the Hammersmith Hills Hoist team in London netball and won premierships in the two full seasons they played.

Codie played goal attack and goal defence and Taylah was in defence.

The team of nine included two women from England who were joined by Australian and New Zealand players in the team.

While they were overseas, the English Roses won Commonwealth Games gold in netball.

"Netball is not as big in England as it is back home,” Taylah said.

"They don't get a lot of publicity but more than rugby league.”

Netball games were on outdoor bitumen courts.

"We played games in the rain but called it off if it was snowing,” Taylah said.

Codie said playing netball made it easier to make friends overseas.

The Hills Hoist name came from a rugby league team of that name.

"We just stole the name for the netball team,” Codie said.

The sisters said they learnt to pass better during their two seasons in England.

"There were some six feet (1.82m) tall girls in other teams so we had to pass around them rather than lob the ball over the top,” Codie said.

"The standard in our competition in England was just a little under A/B grades in Warwick.”

Monday nights fixtures this week were the last for Warwick A/B netball until after the school holidays.

The final C and D grade fixtures before the holidays are on Tuesday night this week at WIRAC.

Hazzards are defending premiers but are in second place in A/B grades this season behind leaders Ravens.

Both Hazzards and Ravens are odds on to finish in the top four and play off for the A-grade trophy at the end of the season.

The youngest in the Brackin family, Dimity, kept playing for the Hazzards team in Warwick where she was part of premiership-winning teams.

Codie returned to Australia in August and Taylah in December and both have joined up with Dimity and Hazzards for the current season in A/B netball.

Before heading overseas, Codie shared premiership success with Hazzards.

If Hazzards win this season's premiership, it will be the first for Taylah with the women in red and another flag for her younger sisters.