WOMEN'S HEALTH: The health tips that could help out Warwick women.
WOMEN'S HEALTH: The health tips that could help out Warwick women. Eva Katalin Kondoros

Six easy tips that can make a huge difference to health

IN LIGHT of Women's Health Week, here are six tips women should keep in mind to help them stay healthy and happy, according to Carbal Medical Services nurse Norma Slater.

Look at your diet:

As women head into menopause, their diets can suffer from a lack of Vitamin D and adequate vegetable intake.

Easy ways to increase the amount of vitamin D in your diet include eating more fish such as salmon and tuna, vegetables such as mushrooms, and grains such as oatmeal and cereal.

Exercise every day:

As Mrs Slater points out, exercise is often the first thing to go in a busy schedule.

On average, you should be trying to work in 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Try to sneak in some active time through activities like walking the dog and parking a block away from work to get in a few extra kilometres.

Drink a cup of coffee:

Stress is a condition that affects everyone, but reducing the daily amount you face can be easy as a cup of coffee.

If you're feeling stressed out, try to get out of the house and reaching out to someone who is willing to listen to your troubles and offer support.

Have safe sex:

Mrs Slater said STIs can often be a silent disease for women affected.

To limit your risk, make sure you're always using condoms when you have sex and are getting tested every 12 months for STIs.

Check your breasts:

Look in the mirror for any lumps and dimples or discharge and bleeding coming from your nipples.

Women should be performing a breast check once a month.

Even if you think it's nothing, check with a GP to make sure.

Be proactive:

You know your body, so check in with a GP if you notice anything out of the ordinary.