Numbers and prices were up at today's Warwick Cattle Sale.
Numbers and prices were up at today's Warwick Cattle Sale.

Small increase in yarding, prices jump at cattle sale

NUMBERS experience a small increase and young cattle were in the largest numbers along with a fair selection of cows and a few pens of bullocks at today's Warwick Cattle Sale.

Most of the usual buyers competed in a generally dearer market.

Restockers were very active on light weight young cattle and average prices improved by 10c to 20c/kg.

Increased demand from local feedlots, combined with stronger support from interstate feeder operators, lifted prices on medium weight yearling steers by around 12c and close to 30c/kg on the medium weight yearling heifers.

Heavy grown steers and bullocks sold to a dearer trend and cows lifted in price by 5c/kg and more on light weight lines.

Calves returning to the paddock made to 295.2c to average 244c/kg.  

Vealer steers also to restockers made to 290.2c to average 279c/kg.

Vealer heifers lifted in price by 2c to 5c, with slaughter lines averaging 228c and feeder classes 232c with some to local butchers reaching 250c/kg.  

Well-bred light weight yearling steers sold to restockers at 300.2c with a fair supply averaging 272c/kg.

Medium weight yearling steers to feed averaged 273c and made to 286.2c/kg.

Light weight yearling heifers mostly sold in the 220c/kg range.

Medium weights to feed sold around 261c, with sales to 275.2c and a few to the trade averaged 256c and made to 263.2c/kg.

Heavy grown steers and bullocks averaged in the 240c range and sold to 257.2c and full mouth bullocks made to 241.2c/kg.  

Medium weight 2 score cows averaged 175c and good heavy cows made to 219.2c to average 211c/kg.  

Heavy bulls made to 236.2c/kg.