A house and seven cars have been broken into overnight.
A house and seven cars have been broken into overnight. Stuart Quinn

Small towns ransacked in widespread stealing operation

A SPATE of break-ins at Wallangarra and Jennings has prompted a large-scale police investigation.

Wallangarra police officers were bombarded with phone calls this morning after the "sleepy little town" was ransacked by thieves overnight.

Residents in both townships woke to find car doors hanging open with contents strewn around and wallets and phones missing.

Five cars in Wallangarra and two cars in Jennings have been reported at this stage.

A house in Wallangarra was also broken into while residents were asleep inside.

Sergeant Alan Baker said a handbag was stolen from the kitchen area in the front of the house and the offenders got in through the unlocked back door.

"This sort of thing is definitely out of the ordinary for Wallangarra," Sgt Baker said.

He said thieves did not target one particular location but spread themselves throughout both towns.

"Police believe there was more than one offender," Sgt Baker said.

"Wallangarra police are investigating the offences and urge local residents to lock their vehicles and don't leave any possessions in plain sight."

Police are urging anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers on 18000 333 000 or the Wallangarra Police Station on (07) 4684 3120.