BETTER TOGETHER: Josh Williams and Philip Cotton say it's better for everyone if they work together.
BETTER TOGETHER: Josh Williams and Philip Cotton say it's better for everyone if they work together. Bianca Hrovat

Solar farm spends big to provide business boost

THE Warwick economy is heating up with hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent in town for the solar farm construction in Sladevale.

Local businesses, contractors and manufacturers are reaping the benefits of the $125 million construction project as Lendlease and the University of Queensland work to source whatever they can from the Rose City.

Haymans Electrical and Data Supplies manager Josh Williams said a significant portion of his revenue came from Lendlease purchases.

"It's been stimulating our business, that's for sure," he said.

"We appreciate the fact Lendlease has made an effort to keep what they can local."

The electrical supply store sold thousands of units to Lendlease since their working relationship began in late January.

Lendlease operations manager Philip Cotton said the company's goal to boost the Warwick economy had been a large part of the planning process.

"We worked with UQ before we were awarded the contract to look at opportunities for local suppliers and employment within the area," he said.

"We value the contribution local suppliers make to our projects."

The operations manager said the impact would be felt beyond the electrical and construction industry.

"We're paying for everything from contractors, to the 10 or 15 houses we're renting in town, to cleaning and mechanical supplies," he said.

Mr Williams said you only had to look around town to see the positive impact the construction was having.

"It's a boost to the whole economy," he said.

"It's had such a positive impact because it all has a flow-on effect."

The project currently employs 40 Warwick residents and will soon be looking for more, with numbers expected to grow as high as 160 jobs.

"We believe in hiring local because it's better for people when they finish a long day on site to go home to their families and it means we don't have to bring in as many people in from the outside," he said.

The solar farm is expected to be completed on schedule with commissioning beginning late this year or early next year.

For Warwick residents looking for work, they are encouraged to contact Globe Group on 1300 934 665 or the site directly.