Spicer the Koala
Spicer the Koala

Spicers Peak koalas lose heartbreaking battle with bushfire

HOPES for Spicer the koala, the last surviving of three animals rescued from fires at Spicers Peak, were dashed when he was euthanased this week.

Pascals Farrow from Granite Belt Wildlife Carers took Spicer, along with another koala and sugar glider, after calls from firefighters on scene.

Ms Farrow transported the animals to Toowoomba vets on Monday where they were assessed and cared for.

“The little sugar glider had to be euthanased quickly, he was so burnt and fragile,” she said.

There was hope for the two koalas as vets did what they could.

“We named the female koala Gabby and the boy Spicer after where he was found,” she said.

“Gabby the poor old girl was happily living out her days when she was caught in the inferno and she had so many cysts she also had to be euthanased as well.”

Spicer, the remaining survivor, suffered severe burns to his feet.

“It’s sad news, but Spicer had to be euthanased as well due to lesions in his mouth,” she said.

“Because of the poor weather conditions their health is already pretty bad so those koalas we put down were actually the lucky ones.”

Thousands of wildlife have been lost across the state this bushfire season causing concern for the dwindling koala population.

“Koala numbers are so low right now, it’s definitely going to set back breeding,” Ms Farrow said.

Ms Farrow urged people to call for help should they find an injured animal to ensure they get the best care.

“I’d like to thank firefighters and also say if you find an inured animal please call us or take them to a vet,” she said.

Ms Farrow is always on call, hoping she can assist in saving as many koala’s lives in the hope they can save as many animal’s lives as possible.

“There’s always life after fire and if we get one good story out of this it will be worth it,” she said.

If you find an animal needing assistance call the Granite Belt Wildlife Carers hotline on 0418 144 073.