Team Betta's solid day three at Targa Tasmania

Report 5: Day 3 at Targa Tasmania 2015 and it was a good one for Team Betta Warwick. 

The first three stages of the day were awesome, to say the least.  The times were competitive and the car seemed to not miss a beat.

There were a few scary moments on Stage 4 "Weldborough Pass" but both Rob and Peter were still talking at the end of the stage so all is well that ends well.

Stage 5 of the day "Pyengana" was a twisty and at times difficult to read section of road that required attention to detail in the delivery of the pace notes to get it right.

The stage started with a tight and twisty decent down the mountain range that ended in the small town Goshen. We were more than happy with the time posted.

We then moved on to lunch in St Helens and this is where the problems started.  The battery light in the car came on again on the transport leg into St Helens. 

Mark and Rod were there at the lunch stop and a temporary fix was again attempted.

We set off for the afternoon stages and only got about 10 kms out of town.

Troy and Gub were on hand on the side of the road to have a look at the problem to no avail.

It was decided to continue onto the next stage, "Elephant Pass" anyway.  On arrival at the start line of "Elephant Pass", there was a long line of cars in front of us waiting to star, so Troy and Gub decided to have another go at fixing the alternator.

Whatever they did seemed to work so we set off on the stage with the thought that the car would die under us at any time. 

This stage is a favourite of both Rob and Peter and the time was reflective of this, 4th fastest.

With no problems with the alternator, we continued directly on to Stage 7, "Rossarden" and the time was great there as well.  The day culminated with the super special stage through the streets of Longford. 

Whilst the time set as a base time for this stage is rather easy to achieve, it is hard to get the drivers to ease back a little bit to achieve time with no penalties. 

Longford has very square kerbs and it hurts when you hit one.  Anyway we got through the stage with heaps of time up our sleeve and we managed to get through without hitting a kerb.

The Team Betta Warwick Evo was then taken immediately into service park at the Silverdome and work commenced on removing the alternator.  We were unable to source a new one in Tasmania so it was decided to try and repair the old one. 

Troy and Mark were able to only get the alternator half out but still make the repair permanent after about 3 hours.  A sensational job in making do with what was available.