GUILTY: A Warwick teen has pleaded guilty to driving unlicensed twice in just over a week.
GUILTY: A Warwick teen has pleaded guilty to driving unlicensed twice in just over a week. Lorenzo Cafaro/Pexels

Teen's last warning after driving unlicensed twice in 8 days

A WARWICK teen has been told to 'get his act together' by a magistrate after being placed on his final warning for disobeying his probation order and getting behind the wheel without a licence twice in just over a week.

At Warwick Magistrates Court, David Carl Binion admitted he'd never held a driver's licence yet still drove twice on Warwick roads last month.

Binion, 19, pleaded guilty to two counts of driving a motor vehicle without a licence and one count of failing to stop at a stop line.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said police were doing patrols about 11pm on March 9 when they saw Binion fail to stop at the sign.

"He told police he was driving the vehicle around the corner to a friend's house and he didn't know there was a stop sign there,” Sgt Wiggan said.

The court heard just eight days later on March 17 Binion, who was on probation at the time, was again pulled by police driving the same car.

A spokeswoman from Queensland Corrective Services told the court Binion's compliance with his probation order, which was given in December had been 'quite poor' but he had not been charged with breaching his probation.

"He has been informed that he's on a final warning in terms of his reporting compliance and unwillingness to attend any interventions,” the spokeswoman said.

Magistrate Robert Walker fined Binion $700 fine and disqualified him from driving for three months, but cautioned the teen not to re-offend or be back before the courts.

"You should take this final warning, get your act together and comply with that order,” Mr Walker said.

"Not because of the threat that might happen to you but the opportunities that order gives you to make something better of your life.”