READY TO SERVE: Warwick and District Tennis Association head coach Coby Imber.
READY TO SERVE: Warwick and District Tennis Association head coach Coby Imber. Nicole Zurcas

Tennis club to host first championship in more than a decade

TENNIS: The best of Warwick's tennis players will bring their sharpest serves to the court for a membership tournament.

For the first time in 12 years Warwick and District Tennis Association will host a club championships.

Participation rates and interests of the sport continue to grow in the area and fill up the courts.

"For a long time tennis had disappeared in the community, numbers dropped,” head coach Coby Imber said.

"We're very pleased to share with the community the redevelopment of the club,” Imber said.

With a range of junior and senior players the tournament will be a head turner.

"We have some very strong players who will play some competitive and entertaining matches,” Imber said.

The two-day competition will be held over August 24 and finals on August 25.

The tournament is free to view and the club encourages everyone to enjoy the sport and a sausage sizzle.

Club members can enter in competitions for doubles, singles and junior U12, U14, U17.

Trophies and medals will be rewarded to the top players for each category. Athletes must be a member to compete.

To join up with the club is free and anyone interested can contact the club 46615253 or fill out a membership form online.

Another tennis first for the area will have eight Assumption College boys head to Toowoomba for the Tennis Queensland Secondary School Team Tennis Competition.

Led by Mandy Mutch and Mark Fisher the teenagers are the first secondary group from Warwick to compete.

"There aren't a lot of school- related tennis events in the area,” Mutch said.

"For the past three years I've taken primary school groups to the competition and this is the natural progression.”

Training hard the past four weeks, the boys will head to Toowoomba on Thursday, August 16.