The most common dating mistakes Warwick singles make

DATING can be tough, especially in a country town like Warwick.

But that’s not because there’s a lack of singles willing to mingle, according to matchmaker Tracey Lee.

Ms Lee who’s hosted singles nights across Victoria and the Gold Coast said since moving to the Rose City, she’s been amazed by the number of eligible residents looking for love.

“There’s are so many genuine people here,’ she said.

But here are her tips as to what could be holding you back:


Ms Lee’s number one remark was Rose City residents lacked the guts to make that first move.

“You’ve got a lot more ego in the Gold Coast. Men on the Gold Coast are over the top chasing women,” she said.

“People here are beautiful but they don’t like to be in the spotlight.

“The men are here but they don’t put themselves out.”

While it was OK to be anxious about a big date, Ms Lee said too many nerves could leave you kicking yourself about a missed opportunity later.

“It’s better to have a partner or a date than nothing,” she said.

For those really scared about dating, break the ice via texting or phone calls first.


While we all want to look jaw-droppingly gorgeous on the dating apps, Ms Lee warned filters and staged shots could be a detriment to country men.

Don’t use posted photos, natural is better,” she said.

“Men are mostly simple create creatures and don’t want any drama.

“When they see a girl with her butt pushed to her neck, that’s not a partner in their eye I believe.”

Try taking shots with your passion, pets or friends instead.

Staged Tinder app pics weren’t the way to go said Ms Lee.
Staged Tinder app pics weren’t the way to go said Ms Lee.


First dates rarely end up the way they do in movies and a good connection can take a while to find.

Instead, enjoy the date for what it is.

“Don't expect too much,” Ms Lee said.

“Don’t expect them to be the man of your dreams. Just having the companionship is enough.”


In the Rose City, a little old-fashioned romancing goes a long way, Ms Lee hinted.

Don’t be afraid of a romantic night for two if you believe you have chemistry.

“I’m a bit of a dive right in person,” she said.

“It’s lovely if a man likes you and says ‘I’m taking you for dinner’. I still think a man should do that.”

Ms Lee said suggested a pub dinner was a way to break the ice without breaking the bank.


Another way you might be inadvertently decreasing your chances is by being too comfortable.

Ms Lee said she had heard from many local men that they feared women didn’t dress up enough for a date.

“A lot of ladies here - not all - don’t care much at all about what they put on,” she said.

While it wasn’t a matter of dressing in tight-fitting ballgowns, something chic that made you feel great would do wonders for your love life.

“It’s all to do with confidence, confidence is sexy,” she said.

“It’s not about tight jeans, it’s about portraying that.”


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