Junior A netball action this season.
Junior A netball action this season. Gerard Walsh

The puzzling issue that sees many bodies missing from courts

Netball Chat with Linda Bunch

COMMITMENT! This puzzles me. I was brought up believing if you commit to anything at all you followed through with it until the end.

Whether that commitment involves a two-hour lunch date or a 20-week season of netball, I was there for the duration.

I note this year our netball fixtures are seeing many absences on regular occasions. Is the cause lack of commitment, lack of interest or is it the fact we all seem to lead lives which are beyond full and therefore are simply struggling to fulfil all the requirements - and something has to give?

I know I certainly do things which weren't possible previously.

I will drive to Brisbane to attend a conference, trade night or netball game then turn around and drive home. Modern cars make a 400km drive very easy and accessible.

Likewise a simple plane flight and we can be two or three states away within a matter of hours. Is attendance at weekly commitments hindered due to the ease of travel and therefore the ability to agree to even more in life which once would not have been considered?

I know most households are not flush with 'extra' cash. Many struggle to cover the necessities, let alone have extra or spare cash. This also gives me puzzlement.

How is it; people/families pay for seasons of sport and then don't commit to being there week in week out to benefit from the outlay made? Is it priorities or is it once paid, the outlay is forgotten?

No doubt there are many and varied reasons. One thing is for sure, I will continue to be there for the duration. See you at the courts.