Stanthorpe council chambers.
Stanthorpe council chambers.

Truck wash water 'not for consumption': council

SOUTHERN Downs Regional Council has warned residents its Stanthorpe truck washing facility water is not for domestic consumption.

The council has become aware residents have been accessing water from the coin-operated truck wash facility in Mackenzie St for drinking water.

The council's director of engineering services, Peter See, has reminded residents the primary purpose of the facility was for truck washing.

Mr See said the water should not be used for domestic consumption.

"The truck wash facility is available for just that, washing trucks,” he said.

"The water at this facility has never been intended to be used as a drinking water supply.

"Anyone using this water as a source for drinking water would do so at their own risk, but I would strongly urge people not to do so.”

He said the council had erected signage to advise the water was not for consumption.

"Council is primarily concerned that residents are accessing water supplies for domestic use that are safe and fit for purpose,” Mr See said.

"For those residents that wish to access drinking water, there are alternatives.

"Bottled water is obviously available through supermarkets, but for those residents needing bulk supplies, they can contact a local water tanker supplier to make arrangements for a delivery of drinking water. In this case, they would pay the supplier directly for that water, and this is a great way to support local businesses.

"Alternatively, residents can obtain a key tag to access water from the local standpipe in Stanthorpe, which is for domestic consumption.

"This is a bulk supply option. For example if the standpipe supplies five litres per second, in one minute you'd get 300 litres, so you'd need a bulk container capable of holding 300 litres.

"It also needs to be clear that residents wishing to access this water must ensure they use food-grade, clean, uncontaminated containers.”

Residents can gain access to the standpipe through the council's community contact centre.

A refundable deposit of $150 is required in order to obtain a key tag. There is also a cost for accessing water from the standpipe.

For more info contact the council on 1300 MY SDRC (1300 697 372).