VIDEO footage of two large turtles drowned after becoming entangled in rubbish in Moreton Bay has upset many people.

Marine life video maker and New South Wales fisheries officer Brett Vercoe captured the disturbing footage while filming during a visit to Queensland.

The footage shows the dead sea turtles entangled in loops of discarded rope.

Mr Vercoe was filming at Moreton Banks, a fish habitat on the western side of Moreton Island on November 11.

Mr Vercoe identified the animals as green sea turtles and said it appeared they had been dead for about a week.

Mr Vercoe's video has gone viral and been shared about 1400 times on Facebook.

His posting on his Facebook page attracted 95 comments.

"So sad, so unnecessary. If only people would dispose of their rubbish properly," said one comment.

Brett Vercoe captured this disturbing footage in Moreton Bay.
Brett Vercoe captured this disturbing footage in Moreton Bay.


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"The council or government should have these places cleaned up once identified like this," read another.

"Poor darlings, life is difficult enough for turtles, let alone ropes and nets from people drowning them. Was shocking when we came across this," another person wrote.

"That's bloody disgusting. I hate it when our beautiful wildlife are caught in garbage. The environment is what makes our life clean and balanced. People need to think smarter," was another comment.

A Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service spokeswoman said rangers had inspected the site, located the debris but saw no signs of entangled wildlife.

"The debris appears to have been recently uncovered by sand movement," the spokeswoman said.

"To remove the risk of wildlife entanglements, rangers will be using the marine parks barge and crane to clean up the exposed debris as soon as suitable tides and currents allow."

All marine mammal strandings and entanglements should be reported immediately to the RSPCA on 1300 264 625, the spokeswoman said.