UK police take to Twitter to name and shame drink-drivers

POLICE are taking to Twitter to name and shame people charged with drink driving.

Surrey Police and Sussex Police said anyone ordered to appear in court on suspicion of having driven over the alcohol limit would have their names and details published online for everyone to see.

The two police forces are joining forces to stop criminal motorists endangering others by driving over the limit this Christmas.

Surrey Police's roads team announced on Twitter that it would be tweeting the details of any arrests and the names of anyone charged as a result.

"Throughout December & new year we'll be tweeting details of drink/drug drive arrests & the names of any charged as a result #drinkordrive," they said.

There were 230 drink driving deaths in the UK last year, from over 6,000 accidents.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Government's drink drive campaign, first launched in 1964.

This week Scotland slashed its drink-driving limit to one of the strictest in the world, but people in England and Wales can still drink nearly 50% more than people north of the border before they their blood level becomes illegal.

England's limit is higher than German, Canada, China and Japan's.

Countries where the drink-drive limit has been cut have seen falls in casualties.

Earlier this year MPs called for tough new rules to stop people drink driving and bring the UK into line with Europe on the issue.