RELIEF: Warwick residents could see some decent rain following storms today.
RELIEF: Warwick residents could see some decent rain following storms today.

Up to 40mm could follow wild Warwick storms

Up to 40mm and a welcome cool change is on the way for Warwick, bringing an end to sweltering temperatures.

Like much of Queensland, Warwick sweated through a Monday with heatwave conditions, reaching a scorching “36C to 37C” yesterday, according to Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist James Thompson.

But late-night storms changed the mood for the Rose City.

Wind gusts of 37kmh hit Warwick about 8.30pm, followed by intense lightning and storms.

Mr Thompson said some residents saw a whopping 34mm overnight.

Today would be “one of the best chances “ of seeing another strong storm, according to Mr Thompson.

“(Tuesday) storms are slower moving than (Monday’s), so there’s a chance to see higher totals than those,” he said.

“Around 0-40mm is the forecast range for a place like Warwick.”

As the week progressed, Warwick’s rain predictions slim to 0-10mm as the pattern moved along.

“There’s a reasonable chance for rain on Wednesday,” Mr Thompson said.

“On Thursday and Friday, that focus shifts a little further west and Warwick chance slips to slight to medium.”

Mr Thompson said the rain was caused by hot and humid conditions, with Tuesday expected to hit 33C, but rainy conditions could see a slight reprieve.

“Hot air raises quickly and that old saying is very useful for explaining what’s going on here,” he said.

“But it will start to cool off substantially from what we have seen.

“It could cool off to below 30C on Wednesday, depending on how much cloud cover (there is).”