Christmas lights 'ripped down, snapped, stolen'

12th December 2017 5:00 AM
DEVASTATED: Bobbie Heinemann (middle) and Rori, 1, (left) and Rylee, 2, had their Christmas lights were ripped down and stolen. DEVASTATED: Bobbie Heinemann (middle) and Rori, 1, (left) and Rylee, 2, had their Christmas lights were ripped down and stolen. Elyse Wurm

VANDALS ripped through Rose City residences and destroyed Christmas lights at the weekend, leaving one of the victims devastated and angry.

Resident Bobbie Heinemann said she put Christmas lights up with her children at a family friend's house on Friday night.

The family then stayed over at their house and, in the morning, Ms Heinemann excitedly told them to go and check on the lights.

She said the children ran outside but immediately burst into tears and told her the lights were gone.

"Lights were ripped down, snapped down, stolen; there were broken trees in the yard," she said. "That was our family time, so we set it all up and then someone's decided to come and trash it.

"They were absolutely devastated that they put in all this time and effort to not only have something that was a happy time for them, but they couldn't wait to share it with the other kids in the community and tell everyone at school."

Ms Heinemann said lights were cut with razors, and light-up candy canes were snapped off at the stake and stolen.

She says putting up Christmas lights isn't only for the benefit of the residents in the house, but for the whole community.

"What is going through someone's head to think that it's okay to walk onto someone's property and damage their property?" she asked.

"People putting up Christmas lights are doing it for others as well and they're taking that away from the community, not just that family."

Ms Heinemann said she had replaced the lights at the residence near Assumption College at the weekend.

But after taking to Facebook to share her experience, many people contacted her to share their own stories of Christmas light destruction in the Rose City.

A home in Charisma Crt and Little Rascals Child Care Centre in Killarney w.ere also targeted.

Little Rascals owner- director Lorna McMahon said a string of Christmas lights was snatched from the front fence.

"The kids had helped put it together and (we were) disappointed it had happened in a small community," she said.