Vantage spots to view the Daily News Pentath-run

19th May 2017 3:00 AM
Warwick mother and daughter team Annie Bradford and Kym O'Leary competed in several pentath-run events together, including the Warwick Credit Union Cross Country in Allora. Photo Jayden Brown / Warwick Daily News BIG WEEKEND: Warwick mother and daughter team Annie Bradford and Kym O'Leary in Allora last year. Jayden Brown

RUNNING: There will be plenty of vantage points to watch the Daily News Pentath-run this weekend.

While there are some traffic restrictions for the half marathon and Killarney Ascent, there are many spots to get a great view of the other events.

Watching the runners cross the small bridge across Dalrymple Creek in the Allora Golf Course is one vantage point on Saturday morning and then on Saturday afternoon the best spot could be just west of the bridge over Sandy Creek before the runners do a U turn to head back to the Sandy Creek Hotel on the 5km run.

On Sunday, the same vantage points that have worked down the years to watch town processions will also work for the Pentath-run. Somewhere near the monument could be the best spot in Palmerin St.

There will be many groups dressed up as Super Heroes in the 1500m. Final nominations no later than 30 minutes before each event or at WIRAC from 4.30pm Friday. One group dressed up in their wellness shirts will be 30 runners from Darling Downs Hospital Health Service.


Saturday, May 20, 6.30am

YMCA Half Marathon 21.1km - Warwick to Yangan

Saturday, May 20, 11.30am

Warwick Credit Union X Country - 4.6km - Allora Golf Course

Saturday, May 20, 2.30pm

Darling Downs Hotel 5km Road Race - Out and back from hotel on Sandy Creek Rd

Saturday, 5.30pm

Pentath-run dinner at Warwick Christian College

Sunday, May 21, 6.45am

Nike Robina Ascent - Killarney to Queen Mary Falls 10km

Sunday, May 21 11am

Voyage Fitness 1500m Warwick CBD, start near band rotunda

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