OFF AND RACING: Kevin Krosch at the start line at a previous Leyburn Sprints.
OFF AND RACING: Kevin Krosch at the start line at a previous Leyburn Sprints. Belinda Trapnell at Trapnell Cre

'Very disappointing': Sprints start banner swiped

A SENSELESS theft left volunteers disappointed and forced the Leyburn Sprints to get off to a late start on Saturday.

Organisers woke on the first official day of racing to find the start banner for the event had been stolen.

Leyburn Sprints race director Mike Collins said the banner was usually stored in a vehicle overnight, but on Friday night it was left on a bale of hay.

When organisers returned to the track in the morning, it was gone.

Mr Collins said he was very disappointed to find the banner, which cost about $2000, had been taken.

"99.9 per cent of the people here are good people but you get one that's just an idiot, that's putting it lightly,” Mr Collins said.

"Just drop it back somewhere in town, as long as we get it back it'd be great.”

The crime forced the event to start about half an hour late, as volunteers had to scramble to pull an old banner out of a storage container to use.

Apart from the stolen banner, Mr Collins said it was a successful weekend and organisers were pleased so many racing legends made the trip to Leyburn for the event.

"They couldn't believe that a small town could put on such a big event,” Mr Collins said.

Mr Collins said the team was still going through the numbers, but attendance was quite a bit up on last year with visitors making the trip from as far as Victoria to join the action.

Anyone with information is urged to phone Crime Stoppers on 1800333000.