Louis Van Slobbe will drive his 1975 Kombi SC Supercharged V6 at VW Warwick this weekend.
Louis Van Slobbe will drive his 1975 Kombi SC Supercharged V6 at VW Warwick this weekend.

Volkwagens rolling into town for event

THE race tracks are sure to be buzzing this weekend when the VW Warwick dragway event rolls in to town.

Now in its 14th consecutive year, the Volkswagen mecca is set to display cars of all shapes and sizes — from more recent Amarok’s to completely modified 1975 Kombis.

Kombi enthusiast, Louis Van Slobbe, is looking forward to bringing his “extensively modified and completely custom” car to the event.

“It’s a nice social, well put together weekend — it’s more of a social event than just being a drag race,” he said.

“It’s a great thing for the town, especially with the VW and the variety of entries that they get, of course everyone knows the little Beetle — but they really hold their own in the race.”

While most of the action will take place on the track on Saturday afternoon, it’s a weekend full of fun for the entire family, with the parade of cars taking place on Saturday morning.

Event organiser Craig Hughes credits the vast number of entrants for the on going success of the event.

“If you enjoy Volkswagens but don’t want to race them on the track, you get to hang out with other like-minded enthusiasts and see what people have done to their cars,” he said.

“This year, we have 91 entrants, which is the second highest number of participants in those years, which we are pretty proud of.”

Despite only being Van Slobbe’s second year of racing, he is looking forward to doing Warwick proud as the only local entrant — so long as the car holds up.

“I think there’s a few people from around town who will just be going into the show, but as far as competitors, I believe I’m the only one from Warwick that will be competing.

“I’ve added a Nitrous Oxide to the car this year, it also has an injected supercharger and has been fuel injected, at the moment it’s running pretty well — if it holds together.”