GET TOGETHER: Don Hughes drove around VIP guests for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.
GET TOGETHER: Don Hughes drove around VIP guests for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. Elyse Wurm

Volunteer at the Commonwealth Games? It's time to reunite

WARWICK residents were lucky enough to be part of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games volunteer cohort and now almost a year after the event, they're eager to get back together to reminisce.

Don Hughes and Sally Edwards were just two of more than 15,000 people who proudly wore the yellow and aqua volunteer uniforms and they are organising a local reunion.

"I was working in the volunteer recruitment section last year and I know that at least 70 people from Warwick applied to be volunteers and I'm guessing quite a few were successful,” Ms Edwards said.

"It is incredible that it is nearly twelve months since those 10 exciting days in April and I'd love to meet up with others who were there to exchange stories and hear about their experiences.”

Mr Hughes was a transport volunteer and drove a VIP car with the same dignitary and his wife each day.

"I got to go to most venues with them and saw a bit of most sports - it was fabulous,” he said.

During the Games, Ms Edwards was a supervisor at the hockey.

"The shifts were incredibly long, often starting before five in the morning and some ending after 1am, but we kept going on adrenaline,” she said.

The reunion is free to attend and will be at 10am Saturday, March 30, at the Condamine Sports Club in Warwick.

"Come along in your uniform or just your hat and swap stories with other games volunteers,” Ms Edwards said.

Ms Edwards is now president of Jumpers and Jazz in July and is encouraging anyone who enjoyed the experience of volunteering at the Games to give the local festival a go.

For further information about the get together or to volunteer email