Visitor Information Centre volunteer Doug Scott.
Visitor Information Centre volunteer Doug Scott. File

Warwick tourism 'worst seen in years': volunteer

LONG-time volunteer Doug Scott said he believes Warwick is being "held for ransom" and there is currently no focus on the city's events big events like Jumpers and Jazz.

"I am annoyed and I am upset. This is the worst situation we have ever been in the eight years I have been in tourism," he said.

Mr Scott said he felt there were few on the Destination Southern Downs board who were focussed on visitor numbers to the Warwick area.

"Tourism doesn't seem to be top of the pops with the new board. They're not even interested in our own local tourism," he said.

"I feel that Warwick is being held for ransom because the new board did not know when they started there was no intention to do events.

"I don't know why and I don't know what the intention is."

The passionate local said the fears about the Jumpers and Jazz festival's future needed to be addressed by those involved in its planning.

With the clock ticking, there are concerns valuable planning time is being lost.

"We need honesty and we need a direct statement by the chairman of the board about what is going to happen and put some confidence in the situation," he said.

"There is enough goodwill in Warwick that the festival will continue but (those) at the top have no appreciation for what they do.

"You cannot organise this is three or four months."

Despite the tension and uncertainty in the Rose City ranks, Mr Scott said the same could not be said about Stanthorpe.

"You walk into the office at Stanthorpe and the atmosphere is almost bouncing-out-of-your-skin motivation to promote events," he said.

"It is just a lack of interest. As they say, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink.

"The people on our board are not interested in tourism. I don't know what they are interested in."