Who's Warwick's top beauty therapist?
Who's Warwick's top beauty therapist? Grata Victoria

VOTE NOW: Ten best beauty therapists in Warwick

BAT your eyelids beauty therapists because it's time for Warwick to decide which skin whizz is their favourite.

The Daily News put the call-out on Facebook for readers to share their nominations and the names came flooding in.

The sheer volume of nominations didn't raise eyebrows because we know how lucky we are in Warwick to have so many talented beauty therapists at our (perfectly manicured) fingertips.

Here are the top ten beauty therapists in town as voted by you:


Who is Warwick's top beauty therapist?

This poll ended on 11 July 2019.

Current Results

Beauty by Kass


Beauty by Georgia Marie


Donna’s Beauty Loft


Leanne Watts


Bare and Raw Beauty


Olwyn’s Nutrimetics


Beauty by Marcelle


Urban Edge Beaute’


Ooh La La Hair and Beaute’


Chantelle Cameron


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


The poll will remain open until midnight Thursday.

The winner will be announced on the Warwick Daily News website on Friday and featured in the paper on Saturday.

Make sure your vote counts! Cast it before the poll closes to do your bit to help your top pick win.