AERIAL SHOT: This incredible photo shows of Warwick from a different angle.
AERIAL SHOT: This incredible photo shows of Warwick from a different angle. Jay N Tania Millard

Want to buy your first home in Warwick? Read this.

BARRY and Julie Pickering spent their lives researching and analysing Queensland's property market.

They moved to Warwick after Cyclone Debbie destroyed their home an in early October they will begin a series of free information sessions to give young people the tools to enter the real estate market.

Barry Pickering said Warwick was a good place to buy.

Data from demographic researchers Ubris show Warwick businesses made 550 new jobs in the past financial year with another 650 forecast through 2018/19.

"Warwick is going through a little bit of an economic upswing, mainly through simple infrastructure spending in the private enterprise sector,” Mr Pickering said.

Things like the inland rail project, Rose City Shoppingworld expansion, John Dee's expansion and a mushrooming of aged care facilities are feeding this growth.

"Now when you take that number of jobs in a town with 15,000 people, well that's a bloody lot of jobs.”

These jobs bring people to the region but for now they are sticking to rental properties. Rental vacancy rates have dropped to record lows of 2 per cent, down from about 5.3 per cent in 2016. Mr Pickering said converting these renters to property owners would fuel wider growth for the town but there were a couple of industry myths that needed to be busted first.

One myth is that you can only trust big banks.

"Real estate finance has become bloody complicated and it shouldn't have to be,” Mr Pickering said.

"The banks have made it hard for kids, but there are lending groups out there that are making it easier.”

Smaller credit unions tend to have better connections to their communities and Mr Pickering said this can be an advantage for young people.

"The good thing is they make all their own credit decisions,” he said.

The other key hurdle is dealing with credit card and car loan debts. These are what Mr Pickering calls bad debt as they eat into your borrowing capacity and leave you with no worthwhile assets

"There are kids that will come to me, and yeah they are good little savers, but they have a big credit card debts that they'll never pay off and a car loan. That comes into consideration by the bank.”

To hear more advice on entering the property market get along to the Pickering free information sessions.

The first will be held at the Coachman's Inn at 6.30pm on October 4. Call 0419030626 to book.