WORKING BEES: Warwick's Yarntopian group working on 1600 pieces of wool for this years Jumpers and Jazz
WORKING BEES: Warwick's Yarntopian group working on 1600 pieces of wool for this years Jumpers and Jazz Loretta Grayson

Warwick Art Gallery ready for yarnbombing explosion

PREPARE yourself for a wool explosion at the Warwick Art Gallery as the Yarntopians get ready for Jumpers and Jazz in July.

Creating knitted master pieces that takeover the gallery foyer since 2014 this year's exhibit will be bigger than ever.

Hundreds of people have been contributing towards this years "Home Sweet Home” installation team coordinator and gallery assistant Loretta Grayson said.

"The theme was decided around September and it will be a replica of a house set up in the gallery foyer.”

"Call outs for colours, shapes and all sorts of materials have been going out for months now and we've collected a lot.”

"We've had locals contribute as well as things posted from people in Western Australia and Canberra who have been to the festival before,” she said.

This years instalment is a nod to the first ever Yarntopian creation "Knitchen” a fully decorated kitchen made up of wool.

The local team has been busy sewing up to 1600 square and rectangle pieces to make up the walls and roof of the house.

Inside the home a kitchen will be viewable with nostalgic life like crocheted teas and biscuits.

"There will be sweet treats set up in the home, we have iced vovos and lamingtons, which look close to the real thing,” Mrs Grayson said.

Topping off the yarnbombing experience the gallery garden will have an assortment of colourfully crocheted pineapples.

The Yarntopian group encourages anyone to come along and help them put together the installation.

For those with little knitting experience volunteer Del Bryant can show you the ropes.

"I teach knitting workshops and I'm always happy to help out new volunteers,” she said.

New to knitting, this will be volunteer Leanne Olivotto biggest yarn project.

"I've been knitting for about two years but nothing on this grand of a scale,” she said.

The display will be up from the first day of the Jumpers and Jazz in July festival and the gallery display will still be available for showing after the festival ends.