The Rabbit Racing team in action at 24 Hours of Lemons at Morgan Park Raceway.
The Rabbit Racing team in action at 24 Hours of Lemons at Morgan Park Raceway. Gerard Walsh

Warwick facility rated the best in Australia

THE Warwick economy has received a massive boost with news that the 24 Hours of Lemons organisation has signed up for five years.

Starting Friday, the 37 Lemons starters at Morgan Park Raceway spent four hours on the track in practice before being on track from 8am to 5.15pm Saturday and 8am to 4pm Sunday.

There is no need to add up the hours to see if the total is 24 hours, this popular racing format is all for fun.

The team which covered the most laps received the smallest trophy of the weekend, there were car parts made into trophies for a few fun categories. Being on track at the end of the race is what each team was aiming to achieve.

24 Hours of Lemons Australia organiser Sean Herbert said there were at least five drivers for each of the 37 cars and nine drivers in one team.

"We will be back for a 24-hour race in September,” he said.

Currently there are six Lemons weekend in Australia, two of which are in Warwick.

Next year, it will be 10 weekends and two in Warwick.

From 2021, there will be 18 weekends of racing and three in Warwick.

Herbert said the track in Warwick was the best they had driven on.

"Lemons is a major boost to a town as each team has a minimum of five drivers, two or three people in the pits and then each driver brings family and friends up to six or seven,” he said.

"It was a sensational weekend in Warwick, half of the visitors stayed in motels,” he said.

The 24-hour racing through the night will be on September 20-21, starting 3pm on the Friday. There will be a noise restrictor on each vehicle.