ICY START: Frost covers cars around Warwick this morning.
ICY START: Frost covers cars around Warwick this morning. Elyse Wurm

Warwick freezes as city is hit with sub-zero temperatures

AFTER enjoying a few warm nights over the past couple of weeks, the temperature in Warwick again dipped below zero this morning.

The thermometer registered a temperature of -1.6 degrees at 6.50am this morning, well below the average minimum temperature for July of three degrees.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Adam Blazak said the cold start was caused by a southerly change at the weekend.

"That brought a lot of cool dry air over the southern part of the state,” he said.

Mr Blazak said Warwick residents could expect to see frost again tomorrow morning before temperatures warm up again.

"By Wednesday the winds will be more out of the south east and that means we'll be having a bit of moisture coming off the water and that'll warm the atmosphere a bit,” he said.

As for rain, Mr Blazak said there could be some showers in Warwick on Wednesday and Thursday but they wouldn't bring much relief.

"I wouldn't be replying on them to water the garden, if you're lucky you might see 1 or 2mm, but most people are going to miss out on anything,” he said.

Warwick is expected to reach a top of 18 degrees every day this week.