BIG CHILL: Warwick shivered through a low of one degree this morning.
BIG CHILL: Warwick shivered through a low of one degree this morning. Tessa Mapstone

Warwick hit with one of the coldest mornings in Queensland

RESIDENTS have endured a string of chilly mornings this week and the trend continued today with Warwick recording one of the lowest morning temperatures in Queensland.

Temperatures dipped to one degree in Warwick, but conditions at Stanthorpe plummeted even further to -2.7 degrees.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Julian de Morton said the average minimum temperature for May in Warwick was 7.7 degrees.

"For the last while, we've had a big high in the Great Australian Bight, that's just bringing up a large amount of cold air and we haven't had a huge amount of wind overnight,” he said.

"That's given temperatures a chance to drop.”

Mr de Morton said temperatures in Warwick would start to increase from now, but there was still a chance of frost around Warwick and Stanthorpe tomorrow morning.

"The high is going to start to move a little bit more to the east, which means the wind around most of Queensland is going to become more on shore,” he said.

Low temperatures are common for May, but Mr de Morton said it did not necessarily mean Warwick was heading into a colder-than-usual winter.

"It's been caused by a position of the high and the cold air, it really is dependent on the conditions,” he said.

"It's a bit hard to say because we've had a cold period in May that June and July are going to be cold as well.

"There could still be patterns that come through that are typically warmed than we expect.”

The temperature in Warwick is predicted to reach 22 degrees until Monday, when the mercury will drop slightly to 21.