Tanna Jordan Alldridge.
Tanna Jordan Alldridge. File

Warwick man's crime 'strikes at heart' of justice system

A MAN who lied on a statutory declaration to keep a friend out of jail has been condemned by a magistrate who said it 'struck at the heart' of the justice system.

Tanna Jordan Alldridge pleaded guilty to the offence, in addition to other charges including the dangerous operation of a vehicle, unlicensed driving and public nuisance near a licensed premises.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan explained Alldridge lied on a statuary declaration claiming ownership of a bag and drugs it contained.

"He said he did it to keep his friend out of jail,” he said.

Sgt Wiggan told the court Alldridge's driving charges dated back to September, when police were called to a ute rollover on Henry Joppich Park Rd.

The court heard police could see tyre marks showing the ute had driven from side to side on the road and a witness saw two people near the ute after the crash.

"The witness said they wanted to go before the police came,” Sgt Wiggan said.

But through police inquiries, Alldridge was discovered as the driver.

A couple of months later in November, Allridge committed public nuisance near the Malt House in Warwick.

Sgt Wiggan said Allridge was intoxicated and told to leave, but tried to start a fight with security.

When he finally left, Alldridge started walking along Wood St instead and when asked to move off the road by police, he yelled at them and was arrested.

Lawyer Phil Crook said the 20-year-old was very drunk that night and didn't have much memory of the incident.

As for the crash, Allridge had made an arrangement with the ute owner, Mr Crook said.

"He hadn't been driving at great speed, he's just tipped it over,” Mr Crook said.

During sentencing, Mr Stark noted Alldridge was young and had limited criminal history but could benefit from supervision.

He was sentenced to 12 months' probation and disqualified from driving for six months.

Convictions were not recorded.