A Warwick woman swiped $350 from a wallet at the Criterion Hotel.
A Warwick woman swiped $350 from a wallet at the Criterion Hotel. Alistair Brightman

Warwick pokie thief's $350 gain turns into an $850 loss

A SPUR of the moment decision by Justine Stacy Close saw her steal $350 from a wallet left sitting beside the pokies at the Criterion Hotel.

But the entire act of thievery was caught on camera and yesterday Close confessed to her crime in Warwick Magistrates Court, pleading guilty to one count of stealing.

Police prosecutor Ken Wiggan said a man was playing the pokies at the pub and went to the toilet, forgetting his wallet.

When he returned the seven $50 notes he had were gone.

Sgt Wiggan said CCTV footage revealed Close placing the wallet in her jumper, then looking around before she took out the wallet out and removed the $350 inside.

Lawyer Peter Sloane said Close had a four-page criminal history but most of her offences were related to public nuisance.

"All offences were trouble with alcohol,” Mr Sloane said.

Mr Sloane said Close was drinking on the June night she took the cash and it was an opportunistic crime.

Acting Magistrate Roger Stark decided a fine would be appropriate, ordering Close to pay $500 as well as $350 restitution to replace the cash she stole.