DING DING: Kyle "Tank" Teer calls time on a 10 year professional boxing career. Jonno Colfs

Warwick pro hangs up the gloves

THE Rose City's only professional boxer has called time on a 10-year career, farewelling Warwick in style.

Moving to Warwick at age nine, Teer started his boxing career as a teenager with Warwick boxing icon Sel Brackin.

Years later it was Sel's grandson Chris Fox who helped Teer have his first pro fight and promoter Fox was there again on Saturday as the curtain came down on Teer's career.

"I appreciate everything Foxy has done for me,” Teer said.

"When I was about 21 I thought I was either going to give boxing away or have a crack at the pros, and Foxy was very supportive and helped make it happen.

"He was there at the start and he was there at the finish. He's a great mate for allowing me to go out like that.

"It was great to go out in front of the home crowd on Saturday night, and everyone enjoyed themselves, which is the main thing.”

As for the decision to retire, Teer said it mostly had to do with his family.

"I'm 31 now, I can't do this forever,” he said.

"I don't want to have one fight too many and hurt myself, I want to be there for my boy.”

Teer said one of the highlights of his 20-fight career was fighting for the Queensland light welterweight title.

"That fight was a draw, so neither of us got it, which was a bit of a shame,” he said.

"The other was getting Fox Sports Round of the Year in 2011.”

With plans to keep up the training and fitness, Teer said he'll next be looking at masters boxing when he turns 35.

He finishes his pro career with three wins, and one draw from his 20 fights.