Warwick's ink has run dry as Richard Rayner packs up for the coast.
Warwick's ink has run dry as Richard Rayner packs up for the coast. Chris Lines

Warwick running out of ink after shock move

FOR more than five years tattoo artist Richard Rayner has been colouring the bodies of Warwick residents.

He opened the studio Running on Ink after sporadically living in the town his whole life.

Unfortunately the gleaming sun of the north is calling his name and he has decided it is time for a sea change.

"There is a lot of demand for my work up there and I am beyond sick of the cold,” Mr Rayner said.

He will be moving to a tattoo studio in Airlie Beach called Airlie Ink, well known for its reputable artists.

While Mr Rayner has served countless Warwick locals, after 26 years in the industry he said a majority of his business comes from people seeking him out.

"My clientele mostly travel to me I have been doing this for so long,” he said.

Mr Rayner's wife Sonya said she is also looking forward to some time in the sun but will miss the wealth of friends she had made in Warwick.

A lot of the friends the couple made was during their very brief stint running the Rose City Bar and Grill, an experience they both enjoyed.

"We have had a great time meeting the people of Warwick, it is a town where there is always things to do. I loved Jumpers and Jazz especially,” she said.

As far as old customers go, many have said they plan on making the trip past Mackay to continue their ink journey.

One loyal customer, Mitch Worth, counts himself among those who will travel to Mr Rayner.

"His customer interaction is the best, he is not just there to do the job he will actually have a proper chat,” he said.

One of the most memorable moments Mr Rayner had in Warwick was when a couple from the Gold Coast came over to get married in his Running on Ink studio.

"They were a couple of loyal customers who loved my style, they got married here then went off to spend their honeymoon in Stanthorpe,” Mr Rayner said.

For Warwick customers who cannot make the trip, Mr Rayner has been working on a way to get his business on wheels.

"I am working on doing up a caravan so I can bring my art anywhere,” he said.

"I get sick of looking at the same four walls, I have owned five studios.”

And so the Rayners are saying bye for now but not forever to their Warwick friends.

"Thank you to all our clientele, the memories have been excellent, but now it is time for us to go fishing,” Mrs Rayner said.