ICY MORNING: Parts of Warwick saw frost at the weekend.
ICY MORNING: Parts of Warwick saw frost at the weekend. Marian Faa

Warwick shivers through below zero temperatures

WINTER is definitely coming to the Rose City with the mercury dropping into sub-zero temperatures this morning.

Warwick recorded a minimum temperature of -1.9 degrees at 5.57am, but was not the coldest in the region as temperatures in Applethorpe plummeted to -2.8 degrees.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Harry Clark said the last time Warwick was hit with temperatures this low was September 15 last year.

But on May 31 last year, the temperature dropped even further to -2.7 degrees.

Mr Clark said the cold conditions were created by dry air settling over Queensland.

"The dry air lets the heat escape at night, there's no cloud to keep the heat trapped in and it keeps dropping,” he said.

"There's no doubt there was probably some widespread frost last night and that's purely because of the temperature being the negatives.”

Frost was spotted around the region at the weekend, but temperatures did not quite drop as low as this morning.

Saturday saw a minimum of 0.3 degrees while Sunday got down to 1.1 degrees.

Mr Clark said the cold would continue this week but mornings would be sunny.

"We can expect to see some further cool temperatures, with chances of getting back down into the negatives tonight,” he said.

"In the later part of the week it will warm up a smidge.”

Mr Clark said it was fairly common to see temperatures in the negatives at this time of year.

"No doubt we'll see further cool temperatures but there's no indications that winter will be colder thank usual at this point,” he said.

Today and tomorrow are expected to reach a top of 21 degrees before climbing to 23 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday.